The IJAS Coin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency, specifically designed to be used as a utility token, accepted as electronic payment means for all who consider Ijascode HandsOff Marketing as a system to promote their business easier, faster, effective, secured, traceable and as rewarding as possible.

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Get rewarded every time you acquire Ijascode Package.

Ijascode Community

We have the best Ijascode community who joined hands.

Accumulate Faster

The easiest way of accumate tokens with friends around.

Ijas Coin Specially means
" I have a great Coin"

Fiat Integration

Safest way acquiring tokens with crypto and credit card

Testing Each Step

We always test in standard before launching anything.

UN-metered Success

Joining hands to get the unmetered success for all

Exchanges we are contacting

                   Pre-ICO Week 1:   Starting June 30, 2018      1 IJC  = USD 0.01

                   Pre-ICO Week 2:   Starting July 7, 2018      1 IJC  = USD 0.02

                   Pre-ICO Week 3:   Starting July 14, 2018      1 IJC  = USD 0.03

                   Pre-ICO Week 4:   Starting July 21, 2018      1 IJC  = USD 0.04

                   Public Crowd Sale Week 1:   Starting July 22, 2018      1 IJC  = USD 0.05

                   Public Crowd Sale Week 2:   Starting July 29, 2018      1 IJC  = USD 0.06

                   Public Crowd Sale Week 3:   Starting August 4, 2018      1 IJC  = USD 0.07

                   Public Crowd Sale Week 4:   Starting August 11, 2018      1 IJC  = USD 0.08

Ijas Coin Technical Details

The ” Coin” is based on the Ethereum blockchain protocol. Therefore, it is safe, cost-efficient and fast. Furthermore, it allows to use smart contracts within its protocol.

Click here to Check the IJC Coin on Ethereum Blockchain

Token nameIJAS Coin
Ticker SymbolIJC
Currency Symbol Image
Starting Price Pre-ICO1 IJC for USD 0.01
Starting Price ICO1 IJC for USD 0.05
Maximum IJC produced28 billion (Technical Limit)
Maximum IJC for Sale14 billion
Fundraising GoalUSD 55 million
Minimum Purchase1,000 Coin
Methods of IJC purchaseBitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, XEM

Why Choose Us

We are the best in style and research. Here is the bunch of reasons why you should choose us.

Fully Decentralized

Our system is fully decentralized, fully secured and fully optimized.

High Skilled Team

We have best team of the world developing the system

High Value Returns

System has an ability to produce high quality returns.

Proper Take Care

Our Support is simply the best in style.

Happy Clients
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MARCH 2018

Idea & Research

An idea was brought to life, key points noted and initial research of the cryptomarket style of working started in March 2018

April 2018

Team & Development

Development of the system started in April, A Specific team of developers making progress on how the system should work and enhancements begun.

June 30, 2018

Pre-ICO & Private Sales

Pre-ICO, A special sale of tokens to the big investors and friends around the globe will start on June 30, 2018. NO DOUBT, the rates will be special in this round. Hurry up white-listing has bee started already.

July 22,2018

ICO & Crowdsale

Open Market Crowd sale will start on July 2, 2018, The ICO rates will be five times higher than the PRE-ICO. ICO will last 4 weeks with four different pricing plans.

August 20, 2018

Gateways & Wallets

Gateways will be released in Later August along with the Wallets for the external dealing of the coins. Integration of the coin into exchanges and other payment gateways will also begin.

The Advantages of the Ijas Coin

Boderless: Exchangeable into Ijascode products and services at any time

Facilitation of real-time payments anywhere and anytime

Free and borderlessly transferable

Immediate large number of points of acceptance

Low fees payable by merchants for the use of the Coin and the Ecosystem

Questions & Answers

Here are some of the answers to the common questions about Ijas Coin

Ijas Coin has simplest and the best monetory system to deliver the payments from wallet to wallet and through payment gateways.

Company name means a lot to us:
I – means YOU or I
JAS–originated in Western Cape, South Africa, it means anything SATISFACTORY or GREAT.
Code – means your MESSAGE
“I Have a Great Message”

We are committed to our roadmap, the full system will be available in Later August 2018 for the use in payment gateways and wallets.