IjasCoin (IJC) is a Utility Token backed up by a company called IjasCode HandsOff System, a SEC Regulation A+ Qualified & BBB A+ Accredited company committed to build a decentralized and incentivized Ecosystem for anyone, daily people, any kind of business or industry opted-in to utilize the IjasApp Application Physical Interface (IAPI). A plug-in-tokenize platform within the Ijascode smart contract fueled by the blockchain-based model to solve the lack of Fair Digital Tipping Program (FDTP), expensive traditional advertising, and unrewarded Proof-of-Activities (POA) that we normally do, everyday. 
Ijascode was featured by Fox News, CBS, and USA Today. 

IjasCoin IEO Ends In

Company Has Working Products & Services
Multiple Countries 
4,500+ Customers
Leaders With 35+ Years 

The Rise of Ijascode Ecosystem

IjasCoin Major Features

Incentivized System

Get Rewarded For Every Proof-of-Work With Ijascode System.

Ijascode Market

With IJC, Now You Have Access To Ijascode Marketplace.

Accumulate Faster

Mining Token Has Never Been Easy, Fun, and Rewarding. Is Now With IJC!


IJC Can Be Utilized By Any Industry. Be Incentivized Through Ijascode.

Safe And Trusted

Decentralized, Tested and Safe Under Ethereum Blockchain.

Unlimited Potential

Sky Is The Limit! Movement with so great potential to grow, exponentially!

Ijascoin Token Technical Details

The ” IjasCoin” is based on the Ethereum blockchain protocol. Therefore, it is safe, cost-efficient and fast. Furthermore, it allows to use smart contracts within its protocol.

Check Out IjasCoin Token in Ethereum Blockchain

Token Name:
Token Name Meaning:IjasCoin (I Have a Great Coin)
Ticker Symbol:
Currency Symbol Image:
Company Self Evaluation Price:1 IJC for USD $1.00
Exchange Estimated Initial Price:1 IJC for USD $0.009
Maximum IJC Produced:28 Billion (Technical Limit)
Maximum IJC as Incentive:15 Billion
Maximum IJC for Trading:5 Billion
Estimated Company Reserve :5 Billion
Estimated Token To Be Burned:3 Billion

Why Choose Us?

We are real company with real experienced team, working together to help anyone beyond expectations.

Fully Decentralized

IJC Token is Fully Decentralized, and Use To Reward Each Users.

Experienced Team

Our Team Has a 35+ Years of Combined-Experienced.


We Are Proud To Say That We Are SEC Regulation A+ and BBB A+.

We Care & Support

We Love Our Affiliates and Customers, and We Really Care.

Proximiner Users
Platform Customers
Device Sold
Disbursed Tokens

IjasCoin Roadmap

We are dedicated to our goals and visions to achieve success!



Idea & Research

An idea was brought into life, key points noted, did the initial research for the right cryptocurrency blockchain, and brainstormed about technical details.



Team & Development

Mock-Up Design of Ijascode System was started including the implementation of Incentivized Wireless Proximity Process through IjasCoin Blockchain technology.

JUNE 2018


Contract & Verification

Meticulously added all necessary parameters and developed IjasCoin Token Contract inside Ethereum Blockchain. Verified Token information and secured accounts.

August 2018


Implement & Deploy

IJC Incentivized Token was implemented as a part of Ijascode Ecosystem to be used for multi-industry and initially used for Proximity Marketing, Pet and Steps Tracking.

November 2018


IjasCoin Launching

On November 10, 2018 at Las Vegas, Nevada USA, IjasCoin was launched as the Official Incentivized Utility Token for anyone, within the Ijascode Community and Marketplace.

March 2019


IjasCoin & IjasWatch

IJC incorporated as an incentivized token for IjasWatch Smartwatch wearable to offer the community a health-monitoring watch, check vitals while getting paid with IjasCoin.

May 2019

IjasCoin & IjasTablet

IJC has been added as an incetivized token within IjasTablet along with other great features such as promoting business, receive and scan proximiner devices and a lot more.

October 2019


SEC Reg. A+ Qualified

IjasCoin was part of the proposal that was submitted & qualified by SEC, to be utilized as an Incentivized Utility token to fuel Ijascode System and reward all its valued users.

April 2020


IjasCoin & IjasWalk

Never walk for FREE, again! With this new phenomenal IjasWalk Wellness feature of IjasApp, IJC Token plays a very crucial role to bring back the excitement to walk & get paid.

June 2020


IjasCoin & eCommerce

Be part of an Online Marketplace that will provide a guaranteed discount or lower price everyday, and start MINING & ACCUMULATING IjasCoin Tokens while shopping.

Advantages Of The IjasCoin Token

Transferable borderless, cost-efficient, secured and in real-time

Facilitation of real-time payments anywhere and anytime

Easy, safe and free to accumulate and mine, anytime and anywhere.

Immediate acceptance within Ijascode Marketplace, community and Cypto exchanges.

Low fees payable by merchants for the use of the Coin and the Ecosystem.

Questions & Answers

Here are some of the answers to the common questions about Ijas Coin

IJASCOIN has so many purposes, and one of them is to incentivized the things that we normally do. It is a Blockchain-Based Cryptocurrency, specifically designed to be used as an INCENTIVIZED UTILITY TOKEN, and accepted as electronic payment means for all who consider Ijascode HandsOff System as a platform to tokenized and incentivized any Proof-of-Work easier, faster, effective, secured, traceable and as rewarding as possible, effortlessly. This IJC Token is owned and backed up by a company with SEC REG A+ Qualification and Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ Accredited.

We believe that everyone has great ideas and so we designed this token to be utilized by brilliant individuals or companies. Your idea or message means a lot to us, to your community, and so it needs to be represented by a great Incentivized Token.

  • I – means YOU or I or We
  • JAS – word originated in Western Cape, South Africa, it means anything SATISFACTORY or GREAT.
  • Coin – means your awesome Incentivized Utility Token.
    Combine them together, “I Have a Great Token”.

With IjasCoin, you can use it to buy anything in our IjasShop eCommerce, trade for Ijascode Proximining Packages, or utilize it to incentivize your business to attract more customers, and very soon be able to trade inside multi Crypto Exchanges.

We are committed to our roadmap, and one of the main goals is to list IjasCoin Token into multiple Crypto Exchanges very soon. We are anticipating that by the middle of the year 2021, we should be listed already.

IjasCoin is considered as an Incentivized Utility Token and NOT as a Security or Investment Stocks/Shares. IjasCoin and the company behind it DOES NOT promise or offer any sort of guarantee of an ROI or Return of Investment. IjasCoin can easily be accumulated for FREE just by using Ijascode FREE Mobile App called “Ijasapp Physical Web”, available on IOS and Android. However, for those individual or anyone who would like to use IjasCoin to Incentivized whatever business process they have within the Ijascode Community, they can optionally buy it.


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Our Core Team

Jayson Panopio
 CEO / Founder & IT Infrastructure Director
Leon Holiday
 Security & Compliance Officer
George Hill
 President of Operations
Douglas Myrlie
 Digital Asset Director
Dr. Angella Banks
 Marketing Director
Dr. Jacquala Shropshire
 Mass Comm. Director
Marcia Dixon
 Project Consultant
Linda Ann Housden
 Public Relations Director
Nelia Stearns
Michelle Reyes
 Event Coordinator
Joseph Bonilla
 Liaison Officer
Audrey Torres
Bhagvati Vekariya
 IT Operations Manager
Mark Coble
 SEO & Target Marketing Specialist


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